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A Guide to Women Using Toys on Men in the Bedroom

women using toys on men

A Guide to Women Using Toys on Men in the Bedroom


There’s a longstanding stigma that sex toys are really just for women, possibly because the most well-known sex toys among the general public are toys we associate with female use.

We hear the phrase sex toy and immediately conjure images of dildos and vibrators, purely on reflex.

But hopefully, if you’ve made your way to our site, then you’re well aware that the term sex toy can refer to many different delightful adult creations, from pumps to swings and everything in between.

And many of these wonderful inventions are designed specifically for use with the male genitalia.

women using toys on men

These toys are fun to use on your own but even more fun to use as a couple. So when it comes to women using toys on men, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways to approach the subject of using male sex toys in the bedroom, as well as some of the most enjoyable types of toys that you can use with a partner.


Don’t Be Afraid

For any men out there who might be feeling a bit nervous about the idea of letting your partner use toys on you, before, during, or after sex, don’t worry.

Your partner only wants to make you happy, and any good partner will speak with you about introducing something new in the bedroom before actually trying it.

Another great way to broach the subject in your own mind is to head to an online adult toy store or even a brick-and-mortar sex store. This will give you the perfect opportunity to explore many different varieties of male sex toys.

It will also give you a chance to pick out a few toys that you may want to try in the near future. Then you can share your ideas with your partner.

If you’re a woman or a man worried about bringing up the subject with your male partner, just be sure to stay open-minded and gentle with the suggestion.

Sit Down and Talk

Having a conversation about potentially using male sex toys in the bedroom should always take place before purchasing toys or introducing them for use.

It could be that your partner has absolutely no interest in using male sex toys, alone or together. And if this is the case, then you should absolutely respect your partner’s preferences and not force the subject.

Over time, your partner may change their mind, and if they do, you’ll be ready to support their curiosity by picking out toys together.

women using toys on men

If your partner is hesitant at first but still shows a fair amount of interest in the idea, then be sure to take your time and discuss the potential benefits and disadvantages of using these kinds of toys as a couple.

And lastly, if your partner is excited to explore the idea, then you can both start to look at different options right away, checking reviews and reading about other users’ experiences with similar toys.

Taking the time to sit down with your partner and speak with them about their sexual wants and needs will show them that you have a great deal of respect for your relationship and that you only want to please them.

Explore and Experiment

The concepts of exploration and experimentation are crucial to any loving sexual relationship. Dedicating some time to finding new kinks and fetishes, or even just personal quirks and preferences can lead to increased pleasure in the bedroom.

You can experiment with your partner long before you introduce male sex toys to your routines.

For example, maybe your partner is interested in exploring denial during foreplay. Or maybe they just happen to be interested in experimenting with anal play.

Keep your mind open and always communicate as honestly as possible. You’ll be surprised how quickly certain things will come to light.

And once you’ve purchased a few different male sex toys, you’ll also have the opportunity to find different ways to use the toys.

While each toy has specific instructions for use, some toys can be used in multiple ways for even more fun.

Common Toys to Use on Men

With those basic guidelines in mind, let’s discuss some of the common types of male sex toys and why they might be fun to use as a couple on a regular basis.

We’ve also included links for many of the types of male sex toys for you to peruse with your partner.

If you feel drawn toward a certain kind of male sex toy but haven’t decided on a specific model, feel free to read up on different brands and read reviews on sex toy blogs around the internet.


Stroker toys are one of the most popular male sex toys, by far. In fact, the Fleshlight brand has made these types of toys famous all around the world.

But not every stroker is made in the same style. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase a couple strokers at a time, depending on your budget.

sex toys for women to use on men

Then you can try out the different styles with your partner and decide on which one you prefer.

Regardless of the style of stroker, the basic idea is to insert the penis into the toy and slide the stroker up and down to simulate sex.

And while traditional sex certainly has its own benefits, strokers have the advantage of being able to add special textures and materials inside the stroker.

This realistic stroker is representative of one very popular style of stroker, which is made to resemble a highly realistic vulva and sometimes an anus as well.

Many of these strokers are even modeled after the genitals of famous porn stars, adding to the excitement.

Meanwhile, this simple stroker sleeve aims for a satisfying sensation rather than a realistic appearance.

It’s also lightweight in comparison to realistic strokers, making it easier for a partner to use the toy.

But stroker toys don’t all have to be manual anymore. There are also a number of automated devices like this one that can give him plenty of pleasure without you or your partner exerting any effort.

Butt Plugs

Anal play is still seen as being pretty intimidating for many men, and for many women as well.

But for men specifically, there is also the chance for prostate stimulation, which can give the man an orgasm without ever touching the penis.

If you’re looking to get started with anal play, then butt plugs are the place to start. And there are a large number of plugs in different sizes and styles for you and your partner to choose from.

sex toys for women to use on their boyfriend

This inventive plug is sized for intermediate users who won’t mind a slightly larger insert. The unique shape offers huge amounts of pleasure to users, especially when used with plenty of lubricant.


That leads perfectly into our next topic: lubricant. While lube isn’t technically a sex toy on its own, it’s highly recommended for use in tandem with any of the other male sex toys we’ve listed here.

Lube can also make for some great play that doesn’t involve any toys at all. Use lube for a fun handjob or more comfortable sex. He’ll be sure to notice the difference right away.

H3 Shower Toys

For any couple that likes to play in the shower, shower sex toys can be a great addition to any collection.

This suction-cup masturbator sticks right to the wall of the shower and holds it still while the penis is inserted into it, repeatedly.

women using toys on men

You may also want to use this toy outside of the shower, too, where it can be used as a regular stroker or placed on a bed.

Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been around for a long time, especially the inexpensive inflatable versions, which has proven to be incredibly popular through the years.

This particular model offers a slight update on the classic model, giving the man plenty to hold onto while he thrusts into the doll’s realistic vagina.

For adventurous couples, this type of toy could even be used as a precursor to a real-life threesome.

The only major downside to sex dolls is that they can be difficult to clean after use, but this model makes it easier than ever before.


When it comes to using sex toys in the bedroom with a male partner, there are nearly countless options to choose from. We only had enough room in this article to discuss a few of them.

As we mentioned above, we highly encourage adventurous couples to explore different kinds of male sex toys and find creative ways to use them together.

You may also want to ask friends about whether they use any toys in the bedroom, and how they first approached the possibility of playing this way.

Sex toys remain popular for very good reason, and they offer the ability to enjoy more intense pleasure in the bedroom, anytime you want.

Discuss the possibilities and enjoy the results. It’s all yours for the taking.

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