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Fun and Stimulating Ways to Masturbate for Girls

Fun and Stimulating Ways to Masturbate for Girls

Learning how to masturbate is the first step towards sexual enlightenment. Not only do you learn how to achieve the erstwhile elusive big O, you get to learn more about your own body as well, what turns you on and what doesn’t. You are the master of your own body.

However, when it comes to masturbation, every little girl was taught to run at the mention, or even the thought of that act. “Touching yourself is opening the door for the devil to come in and take over”, they said.

Are guaranteed orgasms a fruit of evil? Or was the female orgasm the reason exorcisms were common occurrences in the past? No wonder it has taken so long to rule out the female orgasm as a myth. If not for the pioneers, we’d probably have seen manuscripts about it in ‘Raiders of The Lost Ark’ or ‘National Treasure’.

But now that the taboo has been erased, what are some basic and adventurous ways to masturbate for girls?

ways to masturbate for girls

No wrong answers

Before starting, you can try to experiment what works for you best. However, for most women, these five will guarantee multiple orgasms, in time.

  • Erogenous zones: These include the nipples, ears, neck, inner thighs and, for some women, toes, belly button, and hands. These can be pinched, pulled, flicked, bitten, licked, squeezed, and tugged, among other things. The sensations produced will contribute greatly towards experiencing orgasms, if not cause orgasms themselves.
  • Clitoral stimulation: That hooded bean-shaped organ at the top of your pussy is the headquarters of pleasure. There are three times as many pleasure receptors in that small area than there are on the glans of the penis, also known as the head. Clitoral stimulation, whether by hand or by toy can result in atomic bomb level of orgasms.
  • Vaginal stimulation: These are the orgasms that you will feel deep inside your body. The usual effect is your hips will sway uncontrollably and the throbbing vaginal walls will make you feel as if it developed a mind of its own while the orgasm was building.
  • Anal play: This may not be for everybody, but for the adventurous, this can yield pretty rewarding orgasms. They occur mainly due to the stimulation of the G-Spot across the wall shared with the vagina. You may feel the need to pee and your sphincter will contract.
  • Combo play: Either by fingering your vagina and playing with your clitoris, or using a toy on one or both of them, it is possible to bring about orgasm by touching both the vagina and the clitoris. This is especially true if you target the G-Spot. The orgasms experienced are reality shattering. You may feel your vagina constrict and there is also a higher likelihood of ejaculation.

How to masturbate

If you’re just starting out, here are several ways to masturbate for girls. If you are a veteran in the neo-religious art of bean flicking, you might find some things that you can add to your self-love sessions as well.

Set the mood

Unlike a good number of men out there, a woman will not just flip a switch in the brain and be ready for a lovemaking session. It almost has to be premeditated. Yes, you may be by yourself but you still have to be in the proper mindset in order to have a good time.

You can soak in a bubble bath if you feel the need to be clean. A good place to start is to put on something that makes you feel sexy. It could be lingerie, or maybe your partner’s T-shirt. Dimming the lights or lighting a candle works wonders for the setting.

Once you are sufficiently along the way, put on a playlist that makes you feel great. I know you have one, or you can create one beforehand. Some favorites include Shola Ama’s hits, Who’s Loving My Baby (You are), You Might Need Somebody (Yourself) and You’re the One I Love (Yourself). You know yourself better. Put on what works for you.

Lay yourself on the bed or couch and take your time. Start by caressing your favorite body parts. The focus here is to build confidence in yourself. You build a positive sensual image of your own body with a goal of achieving sexual satisfaction.

You’ve got the moves, baby

Before you get down to business, ensure you are well lubricated. Even a little bit of lube will work wonders.

You need to master four basic movements as you start you off. The up and down motion, side-to-side movements, a radial motion, or a quick pulsating push. These work best on your clitoris.

If you’re a bit adventurous, you can try placing the clitoris in between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze lightly. It will elicit a slight pain similar to the funny bone, but afterward, it’s a total delight.

You don’t have to start by imitating a woodpecker. A slow gentle start will be more pleasurable. Start by slowly rubbing your finger along the sides of your clitoris, through your inner labia and back up. This will get the blood flowing through the area and prepare it for heavier forms of stimulation. You may even start to get wet.

Turn over

Lying on your back gives you a great position for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

If you want to try to achieve vaginal orgasms, a nimble squat will help you quickly and easily access the G Spot, which is located two to three inches inside, on the vagina’s front wall. As you are crouching, with your heels touching the back of your thighs, insert your fingers or toy and use whatever motion suits you. Remember to switch motions every so often.

ways to masturbate for girls

If you decide to be anally adventurous, face-down doggy style is the way to go. This gives you enough room and latitude to lube up and play with your toy or fingers. Start by applying copious amounts of lube to your toy or fingers. Gently massage the exterior of your butthole and slowly slip your tool in. Work around it in radial motions and switch between in and out motions. As the pleasure builds, increase the pace as you see fit.

For the combo orgasm, a pretend lover is your best bet. Affix your toy on the bed, floor, or couch and gently lower yourself onto it until your desired penetration depth is reached. From here, ride your toy and play with your clitoris simultaneously.

Bring your other senses into play

Would you like to spice things up? Bring your biggest sex organ into play: your brain. Are you an imaginative person? Get down and kinky with some erotic literature and act out the fantasies to your fulfillment. Erotic literature is an excellent way to discover what works for you and help in suggesting different ways you can spice up your sessions that you can try out.

Alternatively, are you much more of a visual person? Grab your laptop or tablet and put on some kinky porn. Yes. Some people become sufficiently aroused by watching other people getting it on. It’s also another way to discover your kinky side, what works for you, and what doesn’t.

If you prefer listening, there are varieties of aural stimulants available. Audiobooks allow you to let your mind wander and imagine all sorts of things.

Here’s something that will surely work for you: a mirror. Sit in front of (or on top of) a mirror and begin to play with yourself. Touch yourself all over and make a mental note of what feels good. Pinch and pull your erogenous zones. You are bound to find one that works just how you like it.

ways to masturbate for girls

If you feel you are experiencing too much stimulation, you can remove some of the senses. The stimuli overload can result in you becoming a spectator at your own event. Close your eyes and get a pair of earplugs or muffs. Pay attention only to the sensations you’re getting from your body and ride those butterflies into orgasm.

Keep Moving

It may be tempting to let your vibrator handle everything. Increasing vibrations from the toy, while you are motionless, can sometimes overwhelm you and take away from the experience instead of being a major ingredient.

Rock those hips.

Put some rhythm into it. Circular motions, side to side, up and down, whatever feels right at the moment, do it.

You don’t have to rely on your toy the whole time either. A pillow is also a nifty toy. If you do get tired of using a vibrator or just want to try out different positions and sensations, put that pillow between your thighs and grind your vulva against it. If you don’t want a mess, you can keep your underwear on. As it gets pleasurable, switch motions or increase speeds to an optimum level that you can maintain for an extended period. Ride that pillow to glory.

Glorious reasons why girls masturbate

  • Yes, female masturbation is normal.

In spite of what many young girls were told, touching yourself erotically is as natural as plucking nose hairs or even brushing your teeth. Sexologists and other medical and behavioral experts do agree that it is quite normal for anyone to masturbate.

  • Yes, masturbation is common.

Masturbation isn’t just for men. Women also love exploring what secrets their nether regions are hiding away, not only from others, but also from them.

  • Yes, masturbation is beneficial to your health.

The same feel-good chemicals that are released during sex or when you are cuddling someone close to you, are the very same ones released when you masturbate. It is also a natural anti-anxiety activity. And finally, it can also be an excellent sleep aid.

  • Yes, masturbation does improve your sex life.

Don’t you just hate it when your partner leaves you high and dry? Rubbing it out will give you the opportunity to explore your erogenous zones and better understand yourself. In turn, you can communicate your discoveries to your partner and start enjoying the good times, too. It is also a great way to improve and increase your libido.

ways to masturbate for girls

  • Yes, you can take it a notch higher.

Involving fantasies in your sessions is a sure way to learn what works for you. It’s your time, do with it what you will, fulfill your fantasies. Unleash your kinky side.

You can also involve your partner in these sessions. Not only will this be an opportunity for them to learn what makes you tick, it will also be a thing of beauty for them to know that they are capable of pleasuring you to orgasmic levels.

And finally,

Masturbation is an act of self-love. Treat yourself with the dignity you deserve. These are but a few ways to masturbate for girls. It’s up to you to play with yourself and discover new ways that can help you and others learn to love themselves and achieve orgasm.

You don’t have to treat it like a chore, either. This act is best done when you have loads of free time and you are somewhere where you are less likely to be interrupted. Occasionally going off for a few minutes is not the best way to go about this. You will be stressed or have other tasks weighing on your mind, and this is an enemy of any woman’s orgasm.

As you grow in exploration, you can play with other erogenous zones during your sessions. The nipples are a particularly lovely sensory area. You can also try grabbing your butt, spanking it, or lightly rubbing on your inner thighs and belly button area.

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