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Ways To Masturbate At Home: What You Need To Try

Ways To Masturbate At Home: What You Need To Try


Masturbation has been shown time and time again to be an excellent way to relieve stress while also satisfying some of your more common sexual desires.

And of course, it becomes even more essential if you just haven’t had the energy or desire lately to set out into the wild to try to find a date.

With that said, let’s talk about some different ways to masturbate at home. We’re going to try to list out several different methods, each of them loosely designed for each sex.

You’re likely to see some old classics on our list, but hopefully, you’ll also see some inventive new methods that you’d like to try out in the near future.

So settle in for some personal time and enjoy the list. We’ve also included links to some fun sex toys that will help you max out your pleasure levels in no time.

Prior to our official list of ways to masturbate at home, let’s get a couple things out of the way.


Solo Sex is Still Sex

Before we get started into our suggestions, we’d like to defy the prevailing cultural stigma that seems to surround masturbation, even to this day.

In our Puritan past, masturbation was certainly seen as a filthy habit and one that should be avoided for the sake of our souls and our moral character.

But over many decades, we’ve slowly stepped away from this primitive view of solo sex and have come to be much more accepting, and yes, even encouraging, of the idea.

However, it also seems that masturbation still carries with it this strange reputation that it’s only meant for those who are unable to find new sexual partners.

This just isn’t true. Masturbation is a safe, fun form of sex that absolutely anyone can enjoy, regardless of whether or not they also currently have one or more sexual partners that they’re seeing on a regular basis.

So don’t let cultural norms get you down. We fully support healthy masturbation habits, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire article to different masturbation methods and techniques.

Be Adventurous

Just one more brief word of advice for anyone looking to fully enjoy masturbation: don’t be afraid to be adventurous.

This concept applies to many different aspects of sex and intimacy, but it’s especially true when it comes to masturbation and the act of exploring your body.

Because, after all, masturbation inherently involves exploration, even if you may not think of it that way.

Every time you masturbate, it’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself: what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’re currently curious about when it comes to sensations, toys, and kinks.

If you were in a long-term relationship with another person, one that was going to last for years and years, you’d probably want to know that your partner was open to experimentation in the bedroom.

Well, think of it this way: when it comes to masturbation, you’re engaging in a solo sexual relationship with yourself. And you will continue this sexual relationship for the rest of your life.

Don’t you want to know that you’re open to trying new things, even if it doesn’t mean you’ll try anything new right away?

Be kind to yourself by keeping your mind open to the possibility that you may one day find a new sexual interest that you’d like to explore, most likely in the form of masturbation.

If you really enjoy a specific kink, then you can move on to sharing it with your romantic partner in the future.

Alright, enough talk. Let’s get to the meat of the matter.

For Men

Male masturbation methods tend to be perceived as fairly limited, especially by men. Stroking yourself is far from the only way to enjoy some time alone.

We will make a quick note, however, that putting too much pressure on your man parts, for example by laying on them and thrusting, can cause problems in the future.

Instead, use a more common technique or purchase some male-centric sex toys that will have you rolling your eyes back.

A Basic Handjob

This is the most common masturbation method for the majority of men. It also tends to be one of the first masturbation methods that men become aware of.

You simply wrap a hand around the shaft of your penis and stroke up and down repeatedly until you reach orgasm.

It’s simple, effective, and leaves plenty of room for customization. The speed, intensity, and duration of the play are entirely up to you.

Try out several different options or change it up on a regular basis. As we mentioned earlier, masturbation is a chance to find out what you like best.

We also recommend using lube, as it can make the experience of stroking yourself much more pleasurable. It also prevents potential skin problems on your privates by reducing friction to a minimum.

ways to masturbate

Lube isn’t just for traditional sex. Keep a couple of bottles handy for any kind of sexual activity – You’ll be happy you did. We recommend Pjur Eros Super Concentrated Lubricant.


Stroker toys are by far one of the most popular male sex toys available on the market today. They come in several different forms.

Stroker toys like this one maintain a simple design that’s light and that also features some stimulating bumps along the inside that will give you a sensation you’ve never felt before.

But there are also plenty of realistic strokers, Climax Gems Emerald Hand Job Stroker, that feature impressive molds of the female vulva, as well as rubbery recreations of the vagina.

Certain manufacturers even offer different firmness setting and vulva designs for your stroker, although that kind of customization comes at a relatively high price.

Using a stroker toy may seem silly at first, but you’ll soon see why they’ve become so popular over the years.

Cleanup is also an important factor when deciding on which kind of stroker to order. Be sure to check reviews as well as in-depth product descriptions to make sure that cleaning will be convenient and manageable.

As with traditional hand-based masturbation, we highly recommend using lubricant when playing with a stroker toy, especially since the toy vagina has no way of lubricating itself, unlike the real thing.

Sex Doll

It’s the 21st century. Sex dolls aren’t just a gag gift anymore. They’re a fairly inexpensive way to simulate a sexual experience in the comfort of your own home.

Models like this one offer everything you need to have a great time all on your own. And the elegant construction makes cleaning an absolute breeze, which you’ll be sure to appreciate down the road.

ways to masturbate

And since many sex dolls are deflatable, they can be very easy to store and keep out of sight if you’re going to have visitors.

Anal Play

Many men are hesitant when it comes to the idea of trying anal play, to say the least. In fact, many men see anal penetration as a lessening of their stature as men.

But this just isn’t the case.

Since the prostate can be stimulated via the anus, anal play for sexual purposes can help give a man some of the most intense orgasms of his life.

But first, he’ll need to practice a bit, hopefully with the use of sex toys and not just some household object.

There are many basic, starter plugs that will introduce you to the sensation of anal penetration and give you the chance to go as slowly as you want, adjusting to these new feelings.

ways to masturbate

We should also mention that anal play can potentially be painful, especially if lubricant isn’t being used.

Having lube on hand to use on your butt plug before insertion can make the entire process go a lot more smoothly.

Over time, you may notice that you prefer anal stimulation to traditional masturbation techniques.

For Women


Fingering or playing with your clitoris with your fingers is essentially the female equivalent of male masturbation with a hand.

It’s easy, it comes naturally, and it doesn’t require any additional sex toys. In fact, many women prefer to use this method most of the time.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you enjoy this method more than any other, more power to you.

We recommend using lube to make internal fingering much more pleasurable.

How hard you’d like to play and for how long are up to you to decide. Try several different speeds and intensities based on how you’re feeling that day.


Dildos are by far the most common female sex toy. Dildos can range from inexpensive to highly detailed models that are one-of-a-kind.

This basic dildo, for example, makes use of a creative shape and design and doesn’t have any unnecessary bells or whistles.

But if you tend to prefer dildos that are shaped like penises of many different shapes and sizes, there are plenty options out there for you as well.

We recommend starting out with a moderately-sized dildo that you’ll be able to enjoy without a problem. And as always, be sure to use lube.

Over time, you may decide to try out some larger dildos that offer different sensations when inserted.


Vibrators are definitely one of the most enjoyable varieties of sex toys for many women.

Two common forms of vibrators are rabbit vibes with insertable elements and clitoral vibes, which are only used externally.

This rabbit vibrator uses a smooth silicone material that makes insertion easier, although we still recommend using lube when you play.

ways to masturbate

This particular vibe is used as a clit vibe and focuses the attention exactly where it needs to.

Which variety you personally prefer is up to you, and will only be determined after some personal experimentation.

And when you have a partner involved, vibrators can be a great toy for the both of you to play with together.

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