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Our List Of The All-Time Best Party Games for Swingers

party games for swingers

Our List Of The All-Time Best Party Games for Swingers


A big part of the kink scene today is the social element. People are interested in spending time with like-minded individuals, and not just in the bedroom.

And once you’ve found some of these friends, it can be fun to think up different activities to try together that can allow you to get to know them better.

Having parties with your swinger friends can make for a fun and pleasurable evening for everyone involved.

But even when you’re already ready comfortable with everyone in the room, it can be difficult to know where to start.

At first, everyone may be a bit shy or at least hesitant to jump right into the fray. After all, in many ways, it’s just like every other party. People need time to get acclimated and open up to their surroundings.

Below, you’ll find our list of fun party games for swingers that will heat things up right away. And more importantly, they offer ways to encourage everyone to make their desires known.

Spin the (Liquor) Bottle

party games for swingers

Our first couple of games are based on common party games that many of us played when we were a lot younger.

The first is a version of Spin the Bottle.

Do you remember playing Spin the Bottle when you were in middle school? Well, this version uses the same basic premise.

In the original version of the game, someone would approach the middle of the circle and spin a bottle. The player would then have to kiss whoever it pointed to when it stopped spinning.

But of course, our version is a bit more adult. First of all, make sure that everyone is comfortable drinking alcohol.

Use an empty liquor bottle (or any bottle you have nearby) as the spinning bottle. But here’s where we tweak the rules.

When the bottle lands on another player, the spinner can either kiss the person or, if they’re still feeling too nervous, take a drink.

This way, as the game continues on, everyone will have a chance to loosen up a bit. If everyone is in the mood to do more than kiss when their turn comes up, tell them to feel free.

But even in this situation, it’s important to remember that consent is key. Before you do anything with another person, ask them whether it would be ok.

Instead of just kissing, you soon might find your party guests playing with each other’s nipples or removing some of their clothing.

Once everyone is worked up, you all might just decide to forget about the game completely and play openly with each other.

7 Minutes in Heaven

party games for swingers

7 Minutes in Heaven is another game that many of us might remember from our childhoods and teenage years.

In the original, names were drawn out of a hat or bowl, two at a time. The two people would then climb into a closet or another small space, and for 7 minutes, they could do whatever they wanted.

Back then, it was a way to get a first kiss or maybe a more serious makeout session with someone you liked.

But when played at a swinger’s party, the game just has a bit more of a serious edge to it.

For the sake of keeping the game moving, you may want to shorten the time limit to just a few minutes.

This way, the two chosen individuals will only have time for a couple of quick activities, rather than more advanced sexual activities or acts.

Let’s take a look at a quick example to give a better idea of the possibilities, and how the opportunity for teasing could make the whole game a lot more fun.

Imagine that you have been chosen for your turn, along with the partner of a friend of yours. You both have a passing familiarity with each other.

And even though both of your partners have agreed to let you play openly with others, the idea can still seem scary or even like a betrayal.

But during your 7 minutes (or three minutes) alone, you can use the opportunity to become more familiar with each other, either by talking or undressing in front of each other.

If you want to spice the game up even more, try placing sex toys in the playroom. This way, people will have the option to use them on each other or themselves during their time.

Classic Key Party

party games for swingers

Key parties certainly aren’t the kind of thing that kids play in middle school or high school, but you may have heard of the idea before.

Key parties were a big phenomenon in the 1970s, especially among suburban communities. They were seen as a way for mild-mannered suburbanites to open up about their sexuality.

There are several different ways to play, but for our purposes, we’ll try to keep things simple.

This version of the game works best if everyone at the party is already paired off as a couple. Then each couple puts a single set of car keys into a big bowl.

The keys get mixed up in the bowl, and then each couple takes a set of keys from the bowl, any set other than their own.

From there, it’s up to the couples involved whether to play together as a big group or simply swap partners.

To help break the ice, you may want to use toys on each other or just engage in some mutual masturbation as a way of getting to know each other’s personal preferences.

Strip Poker party games for swingers

Let’s not forget about the joys of strip poker. All you need is a deck of cards and some willing participants.

Ironically, the most difficult part of playing strip poker with a group is making sure that everyone playing knows the rules to poker and when they’ll need to take off their clothes.

In case you’re also blanking on the rules of poker, we’ll outline a super simplified version of the game that everyone will be able to pick up easily.

Each player should be dealt five cards. The player should not let others see their cards until the end of the hand.

Once everyone has their cards, flip them over and find the highest card of your personal set. Whoever’s high card is the lowest of the group has to take off a single article of clothing.

All you need to do from there is repeat the process until everyone is naked, or at least down to their underwear.

Since it’s all up to chance, no one will feel guilty or shy to take off their clothes, especially if they’ve already had a few drinks.

Find the Sticker

party games for swingers

Find the Sticker is a simple game with very few rules. All you need to get started is a sheet or two of small stickers.

In a pinch, pieces of tape will work just as well.

Split the group into two teams, the hiders, and the searchers. You’ll need to have at least one searcher for every hider.

The hiders walk to a separate room, where they place ten small stickers on different parts of their bodies, preferably underneath their clothing.

Then, bring both teams back together in the same room. From here, it’s a competition to see which searcher can find all ten stickers first.

As you might have already guessed, this will involve a lot of removing clothes.

To make it even more hectic and fun, you can set a rule that hiders can’t help remove any of their own clothes. This is a classic party game for swingers, and that’s because it is truly a lot of fun!

Erotic Dice

party games for swingers

Erotic dice are a fun little toy that many couples use in the privacy of their own bedroom, but they can also be used in a large group setting.

Have the entire group sit in a big circle in a room with plenty of space.

Whatever action the dice suggests, that’s what each person has to do to someone else in the circle.

If you just have normal dice, create a list of activities for all of the possible numbers from two to twelve. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of activities.

The idea is to make it a continuous chain, where everyone is pleasuring someone else while also receiving pleasure from someone else.

After each turn, you can have everyone switch direction or even scramble the circle as a whole so that different people will have the chance to interact with each other.

Depending on the pair of dice you use, after three or four rounds of this game, you’re likely to have a crowd of swingers happy to enjoy each other.

And if you notice that certain people are becoming more intimately involved with each other, don’t interrupt them by trying to keep the game going.

People should be able to drop out of the game whenever they like.


No matter which games you decide to play with your swinger friends, make sure that everyone feels comfortable and that everyone has all the supplies they need.

This could mean condoms, water, towels, and just anything else you think would make your guests feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

And don’t be afraid to come up with games of your own. You can even modify board games or party games you’re already familiar with to make the experience a bit more personal and customized. We hope you have enjoyed this list of party games for swingers.

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