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How To Give Good Head To Your Boyfriend & Drive Him Crazy

How To Give Good Head To Your Boyfriend & Drive Him Crazy

A Fun Gesture

It’s no real secret that the majority of men enjoy receiving oral sex, most commonly in the form of a blowjob, also known as giving head.

If your partner enjoys blowjobs and you don’t mind giving them, then it can be a great form of foreplay or even just a nice way to have sex without vaginal or anal penetration.

In this article, you’ll find some great tips on how to give good head to your boyfriend, or to any male partner for that matter.

We’ll cover the basics as well as a few other fun ways to play than can make the experience more exciting for both of you.

Get Consent First

Sure, if you’re already in a committed romantic relationship, then chances are your partner will be happy to receive oral sex just about any time of the day or night.

But this still doesn’t mean that you should jump right into it without asking. If the relationship is fairly new and you haven’t given your partner a blowjob before, ask whether they enjoy oral sex.

how to give good head to your boyfriend

If they do, you may also want to ask whether you can give them oral sex when playing in the future.

If they say yes to this as well, then you’re free to offer oral sex whenever you’d like. And if you start to give head without asking, he’ll most likely become aroused and enjoy it more or less immediately.

And of course, if there’s ever a time when he asks you to stop, don’t feel offended or like you’ve done something wrong. It’s important to recognize that we’re all just people and that there are simply times when we don’t feel like having sex of any kind.

Watch the Pros at Work

Even if you already have a good grasp of how to give a blowjob, it can still be a good idea to do a little bit of research as well to find new techniques and ideas to try out.

Pornography will be one of your greatest resources in this situation. You can feel free to look up instructional videos that specifically guide you through the process, or you can just watch blowjob videos of any kind.

Each person has their own way of giving head, and you’ll pick up on these techniques just by watching.

Some women like to stroke the shaft while giving head, while others like to cradle the testicles while licking.

To make your research even more enjoyable, watch some of these videos with your partner. Ask him to point out specific things that he’d like you to try in the future.

Ask Your Guy What He Likes

Chances are your partner has received oral sex in the past, long before your relationship began. And this means that he probably already has some preferences on receiving oral.

You can also learn more about what he likes by watching him masturbate. This can be a great experience for both of you.

how to give good head to your boyfriend

Another option is to ask your partner to give you instructions and tips while you’re giving oral sex.

This may feel a bit silly at first, but it’s one of the simplest and most direct ways to find out what he likes best and what he would prefer to avoid.

Wash Up

Before any kind of sexual activity, it’s a good idea to clean up. Showering or bathing together can be a fun little way to undress in front of each other or even engage in foreplay.

And when it comes to oral, you don’t even have to wait until you’ve gotten out of the shower. Giving your boyfriend head in the shower can be fun for both of you.

Just make sure to never use shampoo as a lubricant. It tends to dry out the skin a great deal, which can leave your partner’s genitals itchy and uncomfortable, making it more difficult for the two of you to play.

Knowing that your partner is all clean will make it easier to give oral sex and helps you to avoid unpleasant tastes.

Be Enthusiastic

When giving head, your partner may enjoy seeing you perform oral sex with enthusiasm. Even if you don’t enjoy the physical act of giving oral very much, you still have affection for your partner and should enjoy watching them feel pleasure.

Imagine that you’re having traditional sex with your partner. You wouldn’t want to put on a blank face and seem indifferent toward the whole experience.

Your partner will enjoy the blowjob much more if they can see that you’re enjoying it too.

You may even want to play with yourself a bit while giving head. That way, you’ll have some immediate stimulation and your partner will get to enjoy watching you.

Playing Around

But giving a good blowjob isn’t just about using your mouth to play with your partner’s penis. There are plenty of other things you can do at the same time to increase his pleasure.


A popular oral sex technique is to put the head of the penis in your mouth and at the same time stroke the shaft of the penis, the same way you would when giving a handjob.

It can be difficult to get used to this method right away, but over time you’ll become much more comfortable with doing both of these things at the same time.

But the good news is it’s almost a guarantee that your man will enjoy the feeling, which is definitely not one that he can achieve by himself.

When stroking your partner’s penis, you may be tempted to use lube to make it a little easier, but this may cause you to get lube in your mouth.

And even though some lubricants are designed to be safe even when consumed in small quantities, it’s definitely not preferable.

So as a general rule of thumb, save the lube for a handjob or traditional sex.

Ball Play and Anal Play

Depending on your partner’s preferences, you may also want to play with his testicles or even engage in some anal play.

Now obviously, these are not activities that you should initiate without getting consent from your partner first.

If you’ve already tried these things together in the past, then your partner is definitely more likely to enjoy them during oral sex.

And since men can experience prostate orgasms, stimulating him further with anal play could help give him a much more intense orgasm.

But even just cradling his balls during a blowjob can help make him much more excited.

And when it comes to deciding how gentle or rough to be with him, it’s best to ask ahead of time so that there are no uncomfortable moments during the act itself.

For example, some men may enjoy having their testicles squeezed tightly during oral sex or even traditional sex.

But if your partner isn’t expecting this, then it may put a stop to the fun of the moment.

The Fun of Edging

Every man is different, and some men can reach orgasm much more quickly than others. When it comes to oral sex, finishing quickly isn’t necessarily a problem at all.

But if both you and your partner would like to prolong your fun, then you may want to try edging.

Edging is the practice of bringing someone close to orgasm then ceasing stimulation so that the person doesn’t actually orgasm.

The process can then be repeated for as long as you’d like.

But this trick also requires continuous communication between you and your partner while you’re giving oral.

how to give good head to your boyfriend

Ask him to let you know when he’s getting close to orgasm. Then you can simply stop. After letting him cool down a bit, you can start giving head again.

And of course, this is another activity that you just shouldn’t try if your partner hasn’t already agreed to it.

The experience of edging or having an orgasm ruined can be uncomfortable or even painful for some men, making it more like a specific kink than a common trick.


In any conversation about giving head to man, the topic of deepthroating tends to come up pretty quickly.

For those who may not know, it involves taking the penis deep into the mouth, all the way down into the start of the throat. And it can create a unique sensation for the man.,

It appears in pornography often, and as a result, many men develop a preference for it.

But the fact is not everyone is cut out for deepthroating. It all comes down to your personal gag reflex and your strength of will.

If you can’t deepthroat successfully, it doesn’t mean that you’re inherently bad at blowjobs or less sexually inclined or experienced than anyone else.

Be honest with your partner early on as to whether you’re comfortable with deepthroating while giving oral sex.

If you can’t provide deepthroating and your partner seems genuinely angry or upset, then it may be a sign that his priorities need to be re-evaluated.

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